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Cloud Computing - Zooming into Future


  1. Cloud is a game changer for every enterprise
  2. Cloud if not embraced on time, will lead to competitive disadvantage
  3. Cloud will keep you Future Ready

The cloud computing landscape is undergoing tremendous changes on a daily basis. You have probably heard this several times. However, what you should focus is, no matter what industry you are in and what size a company you are, if you do not adapt yourself to this trend, you are bound to be out of business within no time. We spend several person-hours in trying to understand the best fit for our customers’ challenges. We are lucky that our customers keeps throwing newer challenges each day and we keep ourselves informed, rather well informed all the time.

Businesses of all sizes will embrace the cloud computing. Be it public, private, hybrid, personal mobile – you will witness a huge transformation in the way enterprises will procure, deploy and maintain software, hardware and computing capacity. Most enterprises realize that cloud and virtualization are the only means to reduce IT costs, HR costs and sales management costs.

Cloud will make “Big Data” accessible to much larger streams of data, which otherwise remains untapped. Rocket- speed data analytics, which use advanced cloud services, will help enterprises identify actionable insights from the massive chunks of available data.

IT- as- a- Service is the way going forward. Both Hardware and Software will be offered as services over simple mobile phones, thereby transforming the existing processes. This especially becomes true with smartphones becoming your hand held computers. All this is possible only due to the Cloud Revolution.

Small Businesses will see a renaissance in their processes and workflows when they migrate to Cloud. They will increasingly spend more time in doing sales for their companies instead of having to worry about data storage, migration and data access.

Cloud-based strategies give enterprises the added advantage to bring their own distinctive intelligence and knowledge into every sales situation. While on-premise systems could also do this, cloud-based systems are quicker to roll out, easier to customize and easiest to maintain.

Cloud based marketing applications change the way you look at your prospective customers. The automation applications enable you to plan, execute and most important, track results of every campaign.

Cloud computing will ensure improved collaboration workplaces and steep productivity rises. For large organizations Human Resource Management across multiple locations will become extremely simple with Cloud computing.

ComTec specializes in offering full suite of Cloud solutions to companies of all sizes. Our dedicated Cloud Computing practice can help you with Cloud consulting, service provider selection, cloud design, migration, support, cloud rehaul and lot more.

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About The Author

Jag Bethi is the SVP Solutions at ComTec, a 21 year old IT solutions and services company. He works with CIOs, CAOs and CFOs in optimizing and modernizing their IT (applications/infrastructure) portfolios. He has over 24 years of experience in all aspects of IT and has worked in multiple capacities such as Programmer, Management Consultant, Project Manager, Program Manager, Projects Portfolio Manager, Director of Projects and VP of Services. He can be contacted for any IT Consulting engagements.

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