Azure Cloud

Companies are increasingly adopting Cloud as a storage option. IT professionals find Cloud to be an extremely reliable and secure option for storage and management. While there are several players in the market offering cloud environments, Microsoft Azure, most certainly is one of the most popular options.

Azure Cloud

Azure enables companies utilize Cloud completely and effectively. Be it from a security standpoint, recovery perspective or IoT utilization, Azure is designed for the ecosystem to be complete and robust.

Azure is “Hacking Proof”

Most business and people are less safe on the internet than they think. It is of prime importance that the cloud-computing platform is extremely safe so that hackers do not have an opportunity to intrude into your space. Azure’s log in allows users to avoid storing passwords by using a social media networks and Azure Single Sign-On lets users to sign in using an organizational password as against an individual password. Both these features enhance the security of the cloud system.

Azure is “Omni- Present”

Azure is active across the entire globe. This means that your company is not limited from doing business in any part of the world. Your Azure cloud can keep up your business and spread your wings globally.

Azure is “Disaster Insulated”

Most businesses collapse because they have infrastructure that cannot be recovered after a disaster. Natural and virtual events happen that can cause loss of data or total shut down of the system. Azure’s comprehensive recovery option enables companies to ensure that the business can still run in its previous form, even if there were an unseen circumstance.

Azure is “IoT Capable”

IoT is everywhere today and if your cloud platform is not capable, enough to handle this, then you are missing a large potential market. The Azure IoT hub allows your servers to communicate seamlessly with any IoT – based technology.

Azure is “User – Supportive”

When was the last time you ran from pillar to post to get a small issue fixed. We all have bad experiences with support desks. Azure is a product of Microsoft, unarguably a tech giant with strong support system in place. This means there are multiple modes, platforms, forums and networks for you to get your issues resolved and the resolution times are short.

Azure is “Analytics – Friendly”

Azure benefits anybody looking for better and faster analytics from their cloud. Stream analytics allows you to analyze data in the Azure cloud in real time and on demand. The language used by Stream is simple, and it is IoT compatible. If you cannot find the right code for the scenario you want to analyze, you can use custom code for Stream.

ComTec does exactly this. We consult with companies on Azure implementations. We specialize in offering full-blown Azure solutions for small, mid and large enterprises. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and have several Azure engagements running on our shop floor all the time. If you wish to have speak to our consultant, contact us and we can offer you a free 20 min consultation.


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Jag Bethi is the SVP Solutions at ComTec, a 21 year old IT solutions and services company. He works with CIOs, CAOs and CFOs in optimizing and modernizing their IT (applications/infrastructure) portfolios. He has over 24 years of experience in all aspects of IT and has worked in multiple capacities such as Programmer, Management Consultant, Project Manager, Program Manager, Projects Portfolio Manager, Director of Projects and VP of Services. He can be contacted for any IT Consulting engagements.

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