Customer Requirement

  • Customer is a 100 year old US greeting cards manufacturer
  • Point of Sale Replenishment – Automated way to replenish inventory at retail store
  • Minimize Inventory Costs
  • Increase TAT  for POSR reports from approx. 95.6% to  98%


Our Solution

  • Defined Process for Project Execution including
    • Data Extraction
    • Data Cleansing
    • Data Manipulation
    • Reporting
    • Analysis & Recommendation
    • Save Data on Network
  • Informed customer about data discrepancy and manual intervention has been automated to lessen the probability of inaccurate report
  • Induction of automation of reports and level loading to resolve the problems of extra running time
  • Basic training has been scheduled and review of Sops every one month in terms of update

Key Benefits to the Customer

  • Revision in final deadline time of POSR reports has been  recommended which will save 42 Hours weekly and 2171 Hours Annually
  • Confidence level(Lead time) would reduce by 90.4 days annually keeping all other factors separate
  • Turn Around time % of POSR report has improved from 96.6% to >98.9%.
  • Accuracy improved from 98.6 % to >99%

About The Author

Jag Bethi is the SVP Solutions at ComTec, a 21 year old IT solutions and services company. He works with CIOs, CAOs and CFOs in optimizing and modernizing their IT (applications/infrastructure) portfolios. He has over 24 years of experience in all aspects of IT and has worked in multiple capacities such as Programmer, Management Consultant, Project Manager, Program Manager, Projects Portfolio Manager, Director of Projects and VP of Services. He can be contacted for any IT Consulting engagements.

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