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Customer Challenges

  • Ability to accept electronic forms of payments, such as credit/debit card and mobile payments. Ability to manage all aspects of selling through retail establishments – includes generating quotes, orders, managing transactions, payments and delivering products/services to the shopper.
  • Exposing a set of API Proxies to the front end which is POS (Point of Sale Application)
  • Securing APIs with oauth2.0 and other mechanisms.
  • Implementing Monetization and throttling the traffic on base of application and end user for APIs
  • Sending notifications to apple and android devices of users of an app

Our Solution

  • Use of API management platform for building the APIs
  • OAuth 2.0 implementation for developer and end user authorization
  • Leveraging API Management platform’s advanced features for analytics, monetization , push notifications and data storage.

ApiGEE Arch Diagram


Key Benefits

  • Designed and implemented stable and high performing APIs which are able to handle large scale live traffic.
  • Designed custom reports to drill down the metrics and performance analysis of different API’s.

About The Author

Jag Bethi is the SVP Solutions at ComTec, a 21 year old IT solutions and services company. He works with CIOs, CAOs and CFOs in optimizing and modernizing their IT (applications/infrastructure) portfolios. He has over 24 years of experience in all aspects of IT and has worked in multiple capacities such as Programmer, Management Consultant, Project Manager, Program Manager, Projects Portfolio Manager, Director of Projects and VP of Services. He can be contacted for any IT Consulting engagements.

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