We have come a long way when it comes to Data Storage and Management. When PC computing started, all the data was stored on local hard drives of each individual machine. Companies then moved towards created centralized data management system accessible from servers on the local network. However, the past decade has seen a growing trend in adopting cloud computing for data management and control. The entire data now resides on the internet remotely and may be accessed anytime, from anywhere.

While there are several cloud platforms available for businesses to choose from, Microsoft Azure is certainly a popular platform that lot of our customers use. Azure is Microsoft’s cloud-based application platform for designing, developing, managing, hosting and maintaining applications off-site. Azure consists of several components: the cloud operating system itself; SQL Azure, which provides database services in the cloud; and .NET services.

ComTec is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has a dedicated team of Azure specialists working 24×7 for our customers worldwide. Here are the top reasons why technology experts love Azure.

Cloud Computing a MUST

Simplicity of Programming – Azure is a windows based platform. This means the programming languages used are popular and commonly used such as VB, C++, C#. The tools used too are common ones such as Visual Studio and ASP.Net. Organizations can find developers with the above skills easily and can create cloud version of any application in a very low development time.

Virtual Machines – Azure runs the applications in VMs with each instance of the app running in its own virtual machine on the 64-bit Windows server OS. There is no additional requirement to provide VMs. In addition managing the OS is not present because the apps are developed using Web role instances that run in their own VMs. Technology experts can focus on the code and not worry about the hardware.

“Run on your own” SDK – Microsoft provides a Windows Azure Software Development Kit that technologists can run on their own computers. The SDK includes the Azure environment, Development Fabric, Azure agent and storage.

Scalable and Flexible Environment – Using an Azure platform, experts can build apps that can run from a few to thousands to million users without additional coding. The storage provided by Azure is secure, scalable and efficient. Applications can be built to use processors based on the growing demand. This means that companies can bring apps to market sooner and respond quicker to changing customer needs.

Cloud Based Data Center – Azure provides its own data center so that companies do not have to worry about maintain the data. In case of an outage or a disaster, the data is made into redundant copies and made available in a moment.

Support – Since the technology framework of the entire Azure environment is simple and common, it is easy for companies to hire support staff for issue resolution.

Interoperability – With Azure, you can develop hybrid applications that allow your on-premises applications to use cloud services, such as the cloud database and storage services. Communications services work between on-premises applications and the cloud, as well as mobile devices. Azure supports open standards and Internet protocols, such as HTTP, XML, SOAP, and REST. There are SDKs for Java, PHP, and Ruby, for applications written in those languages, and Azure tools for Eclipse.

ComTec is an expert Azure solutions provider. We consult with companies on Azure implementations. We specialize in offering full-blown Azure solutions for small, mid and large enterprises.

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and have several Azure engagements running on our shop floor all the time.

If you wish to have speak to our consultant, contact us and we can offer you a free 20 min consultation.

About The Author

Jag Bethi is the SVP Solutions at ComTec, a 21 year old IT solutions and services company. He works with CIOs, CAOs and CFOs in optimizing and modernizing their IT (applications/infrastructure) portfolios. He has over 24 years of experience in all aspects of IT and has worked in multiple capacities such as Programmer, Management Consultant, Project Manager, Program Manager, Projects Portfolio Manager, Director of Projects and VP of Services. He can be contacted for any IT Consulting engagements.

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